SteelSeries Rival310 review: with TM3 sensor, no frame loss occurs

Today I want to talk to you about the SteelSeries Rival310 gaming mouse. The Rival310 is an ergonomic mouse from SteelSeries. It uses the TM3 sensor and Omron Blue Dot. The TM3 sensor is based on 3360. It is a high-end sensor specially designed for SteelSeries, which can achieve no jitter within 3500CPI. To achieve true 1:1 tracking, the highest CPI can reach 12000. For me, players who only use 400CPI, in the daily game, did not find any dropped frames of the mouse.

Rival310 gaming mouse

The daily actual CPI and DPI values will generally not exceed 4000. Even if you are a shooting genius, DPI and CPI will not use 12000 when actually used, so TM3 can achieve 3500 CPI as a SteelSeries custom sensor. No jitter, this is very powerful, compared to the original 3360 can only achieve 2100CPI without jitter, the overall performance increased by 60%, so the TM3 sensor, SteelSeries is also a very big effort.


Rival310 Appearance Introduction

Rival310 main body uses a matte-type split button, diamond-shaped lines on the left and right sides, rubber non-slip side skirts, the front side of the front button is short and long, with a protrusion in the middle, the feedback is good, there is no loose phenomenon, the roller damping is not big, However, the scrolling can still be layered, the wire is made of rubber, the length is two meters, it is very soft, the friction material of the main body is better cleaned, and even if it is a sweaty hand, it is not easy to leave sweat when used.

Rival310 gaming mouse front appearance

The non-slip side skirt has moderate hardness. It should be that the mouse has not been used for a long time, and the side skirt is buckled. The bottom of the mouse uses a large two small foot stickers. This foot sticker has a replacement foot sticker available on the net. The mouse is about 12.6 cm long, the cross-grip spacing is about 6 cm, the back height is about 4.1 cm, and the weight is about 93 grams. Welcome to the “90-gram mouse club” for the SteelSeriesRival310.

Rival310 gaming mouse front appearance
Mouse foot sticker

Since my hand is only 16.5 cm in length, I feel a little bit when I use this mouse. Of course, I have no way to decide the talent. Many times I need to work hard to make up for the inadequacy, so I am using half. The way to grasp and hold the half, that is, the index finger is gripped, and the middle finger is in the form of a grip. This feeling is like the right hand making an OK gesture to the mouse. This grip will put the mouse as a whole on the hand. The force point is pulled back to the left of the center of the mouse.

Grasping method

Since most people’s index finger and thumb are relatively more powerful, using this grip position will be better for large mouse control, and because the Rival310 uses split-type buttons, there is an advantage that the button is more balanced. My index finger is only clickable on the edge of the left button. There is no problem at all.


Rival310 Use Experience Introduction

The left thumb of the mouse and the right side of the ring finger and the little finger have a downward adduct, and the bottom also has anti-meat processing, which can facilitate the mouse movement. If you are a high-speed wrist flow, you may be on this The details are not so concerned. In my own opinion, if you want to use this mouse perfectly, it is more suitable to have a hand length of at least 18 cm.

Right side of the mouse

Because I have been using the 3310 sensor mouse before, after changing the Rival310, I feel that the custom TM3 sensor is really different, it gives me the feeling that the positioning is more accurate, and during the time I used it. There is no frame skipping condition, Rival310 has a higher back height, and the back of the back is relatively higher. It is difficult for me to follow the 5th button, which is the button on the front of the mouse side button, so for me personally, if It is good to keep the mold ratio unchanged and the mouse to shrink again.

Feeling of using


The SteelSeries Rival310, a high-end FPS mouse that is positioned at the professional level, has a nice sensor, comfortable button layout, customizable RGB lights and a weight of 93 grams. It is a very good ergonomic gaming mouse. And this mouse price is less than 400 yuan, compared with other brands of the same price of the mouse, is also very competitive, if you like high-end sensors, lightweight ergonomic FPS mouse, then SteelSeries Rival310 must not miss.

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