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Technology Is Not Mature, Mini Ipad/Macbook Will Be Postponed

Not long ago, some analysts predicts that Apple will launch the mini iPad and MacBook series products with Mini LED screen. Mini LED display is thinner and lighter than traditional LED screen, the picture is better. Taiwanese maker Epistar is expects to offer a mini Mini LED screen for Apple’s future mini iPad and MacBook.

Now, a report in the Electronic Times pointed out that due to technical problems. We may not see the mini iPad and MacBook series of Mini LED screens next year.

According to industry sources, one reason why the mini iPad and MacBook of the Mini LED screen may be delayed is that. It will take up to four years for the technology to become mainstream. Epistar has partnered with its subsidiary Yenrich to develop Mini LED backlights. However, manufacturers seem to have encountered some production and cost issues. Before these technologies became mainstream, Apple was unlikely to use Mini LED screens.

According to previous reports, iPads and MacBooks equip with mini LEDs will be positioned at the highest end of the product. Because OLED displays are prone to “branding” problems in productivity applications. The report considers mini LED displays to be Apple’s first choice.

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