Teclast F15R Laptop Review, Price and Features

In the laptop notebook industry, Teclast has stepped down with its new windows electronic computer device F15R Laptop in June 2019. Teclast has great products under its niche and tends to launch regularly further.

Teclast F15R Laptop is a powerful tool to meet up the daily user’s needs intelligently. The system presents the Windows 10 home English version operating system of Microsoft. Further, it gets the back support of the Intel Apollo Lake N3450 processor along with the Intel HD graphics 500 on the chipset.

The notebook laptop comes with a 15.6 inches IPS display, which further offers 1920×1080 screen resolution for enhanced gaming and video experience.

As far as the storage capacities are related, you will get an 8 GB DDR4 RAM as well as 256 GB ROM in Teclast F15R Notebook. It is far better to store your data and files with the hard need of connecting an external drive.

Moreover, the Teclast also offers 1 MP camera to facilitate the users with face chat and photo clicking. The Bluetooth-enabled computer laptop supports WIFI, LAN card, 3.5mm jack, 41800 mAh battery power capacity, and many more attractive and productive utilities in the same pack.

The Teclast F15R Laptop features tremendous options to provide the users with full assistance. Lots of connectivity configurations along with long-lasting battery backup also let you enjoy super-fine user experience.

The lightweight and decent design of the laptop create good environment. Overall, the Teclast F15R Laptop Notebook is ready to impart exceptional technical platform to handle your IT projects.

Teclast F15R Laptop: Features and Specifications

The F15R laptop is a great proposal by the Teclast. In the IT industry, they are serving the audience with a variety of products in each category. Now, they enter in the computer segment with the Windows 10 device at attractive prices, if not lower.

Here you will come across a detailed review of the Teclast F15R Laptop. It illustrates its basic to advanced features, which buyers want to know before purchasing.

Teclast F15R

As the product is newly launched, therefore, it becomes even more compulsory to go through the review study to know the strengths and drawback of the Teclast F15R.

Let’sstart probing the details:

Colour and Design

Externally, the Teclast F15R Laptop looks good and handy with elegant and attractive design. At prima facie, it amazes the users with a glossy and sleek body, which incorporates slightly rounded corners and ultra-thin size.

The company develops it with the Platinum colour on the Polycarbonate material body. In fact, the Teclast F15R is a great mixture of technology and toughness, which emphasizes on to help out the users at all fronts

While designing the F15R Laptop, Teclast focuses on crafting a super-ergonomic design that can woo each customer segment. Either you are using it at home, for office work, it will be productive forever.

Talking about the physique of the Teclast F15R Notebook, it houses a 15.6-inch IPS LCD and a fully-fledged keyboard. Underneath the keyboard, a large touchpad is there to act on behalf of the mouse.

Just above the screen, you will get a 1MP camera to take photos and enjoy face chat. On the backplate, the surface is clear, but with a company logo on the upper left corner.

The body of the Teclast F15R Laptop is made of Polycarbonate material, which is likely to serve you with appreciable durability. As far as the weight and size are concerned, the physical dimensions of the F15R Laptop measures at 36x25x1.30cm and it weighs at 1.8 kg.

Teclast F15R Display

As the whole functionality is likely to be performed on a screen unit, so, it must be worthy of catering to the user’s needs.

In the case of Teclast F15R Laptop, you will thanks to the 15.6-inch IPS FHD high-resolution screen. The company combines the customers by providing an ultra-large display view to perform the computing tasks efficiently.

Teclast F15R

The screen manifests an aspect ratio of 16:9 along with the screen resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. Moreover, the company also reveals that product by saying it ‘Frameless.’ It looks true by the 82% screen-to-body ratio. The side panels are only 7mm thick to give you the bigger screen on the same platform.

Furthermore, the screen of the Teclast F15R doesn’t support touch as usual but having 16 M display colours to prompt your excitement tremendously. As far as the pixel density is concerned, it has 141.21 PPI density to create ultra-clear pictures and videos. The company also manages to provide display protection against external harms.

Hence, it can be said that the display of the Teclast F15R Laptop carries impressive features to deal with the routine work with long-term durability.

Operating System and Processor

Now is the time to explore the core strength of the Teclast F15R Laptop. No doubt, the operating system is the central part of any computer device, which plays a dominating role to push the processes further.

With Teclast F15R, you will get the latest Windows 10 English Home Version. It is the demonstration by the Microsoft to assist the device with core abilities like platform and some other pre-installed applications.

Moreover, Windows 10 is the most reliable platform to run heavyweight software and drivers. It has a simple and unique user interface with various shortcut plugins and widgets.

Similarly, the F15R Laptop incorporates Intel Apollo Lake N3450 Quad-Core processor. It is the 64-bit architecture device with 4 cores and 1.1 GHz frequency. Also, the processor is based on the 14nm process technology to further enrich the device chip with value.

This purely ultra-modern combination provides recognition to the laptop as it facilitates smooth performance at lower power usage.

Furthermore, the chipset also carries Intel HD Graphics 500 to make the system more resilient and fast. Now, you are ready to enjoy superfast gaming and high-resolution videos with powerful background support.


It can be the surprising feature of the Teclast F15R Laptop, as it comes with tremendous storage capacities on the chip.

The storage spaces are which the manufacturers strive to get lead upon. Because of the changing customer needs, they tend to install high storage drives to store the data in the inbuilt space.

On the data storage capacity, the F15R Notebook is quite healthy with a 256 GB SSD internal storage drive.

Not to stop here. The company also provides the opportunity to increase the storage space with up to 128 GB additional space via an external SD card.

Furthermore, it offers the M.2 2242 hard drive interface to accumulate good data process speed on each application.

By the Random Access Memory (RAM), the F15R Laptop equips an 8 GB LPDD4 RAM slot on the chip. Further, the RAM can support the memory speed of 2400 MHz and thus facilitate high-speed multi-tasking all the way.

Teclast F15R Camera

Usually, laptop computers come with a camera feature, but sometimes it is likely to be absent. While going for the Teclast F15R Laptop, you do not need to think to buy an additional camera.

Teclast offers 1 MP front camera situated on the middle top of the screen. The camera always proved to be a quite useful weapon in this technical environment. We frequently need it while engaging in the world the multimedia.

The F15R Laptop has a 1 MP camera without any flashlight. It will serve you in video chatting while gossiping with your friends or relatives. It can record video too but not in HD mode.

Hence, the company is fulfilling the seat of the feature and removing the drawback of F15R with regard to camera.

Multimedia Features

Similarly, the Teclast F15R Laptop is going to provide you with extensive support to access a wide range of multimedia files.

Most of the users buy the laptop to enjoy multimedia files. Therefore, they need a device, which can support to play almost all types of file extensions.

With Teclast F15R, you can open each file type from images to videos to audio. It supports MP3, APE, WAV, FLAC, AAC, WMA, OGG audio files, and AVI, 3GP, RMVB, MKV, RM, MOV, TS, PMP, MPEG, MPG, MP4, ASF, FLV, TP, WMV, MPG etc. video files.

Similarly, you can click photo files of PNG, BMP, JPG, and GIF format etc.

Wired and Wireless Connectivity

Furthermore, the Teclast F15R Laptop also adopts various wired and wireless connectivity options. It has WIFI 802.11 along with hotspot facility.

Secondly, there is a Bluetooth 4.0v to establish a wireless connection with external devices.

As far as the wired options are concerned, the system is supportive to 2xUSB 3.0, TF Card Reader, 3.5mm Audio Output Jack, inbuilt speakers, HDMI Port, but lacks the NFC facility.


By the power, the Teclast F15R Laptop has a strong powerhouse with a 41800 mAh non-removable battery. It can work for up to 5 hours on video playback and 7 hours on overall usage.

Besides, the battery doesn’t support fast charging and wireless charging technology.

Teclast F15R Price

Teclast has launched the F15R Laptop at an attractive price range. It is available for Rs. 27049.55 on Geekbuying online store. You can order for the product by hitting the below link:

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