ThinkPad Adds New Member ThinkBook: For Young People, Stylish Appearance


Lenovo ThinkPad held a “Although you open me-2019 Fresh Thinking Day Workplace High-energy Ceremony” in Beijing. Guests shares the thoughts and experiences of ThinkPad to open the way to the workplace. At the same time, Lenovo announces a new member of the ThinkPad family: ThinkBook.

ThinkPad has been for 27 years. For the Think spirit, Zhao Hong, vice president of Lenovo Group and general manager of the SME business unit in China, said: “The people who open ThinkPad have used their day and night in the workplace to make the most of the Think spirit. Vivid interpretation—that is, independent thinking in people and clouds. The courage to face challenges, and the continuous innovation and exploration based on professional foundation. In this sense, ThinkPad already represents more than one brand, one product, one A tool, but a real workplace value and influence”.


In the era of the mobile Internet, the boundaries of the workplace are constantly widening. New generations of the workplace have also put forward new requirements for work and life. Facing these “Internet aborigines”, the ThinkPad family welcomes a new member-ThinkBook.

According to reports, while the ThinkBook continues the ThinkPad gene, it creates a light and sturdy fashion look for young people.

Zhou Qiuhao, general manager of Think Business, Lenovo’s SME Business Division in China, said. “From ThinkPad to ThinkBook, some persistence has never changed-the ultimate pursuit of user experience. Intimate care of personal privacy and safety, and reliability and durability. Never compromise … Technology changes with each passing day. The professional and enterprising Think soul is always the same”.

In addition to sharing the insights and experiences of using the ThinkPad in the workplace. Lenovo also announce that the ThinkPad official website has launched an annual user feedback activity: “Black FUN Gifts”, up to 50% off, covering members of the ThinkPad family and the latest ThinkBook.

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