VEIKK A50 Review– The Ultra-thin Digital Tablet Drawing Panel

Since the dawn of many digital input devices, graphics designing has experienced a rocket lift in its quality and standards. Such devices have wholly revised the nature of working, of the digital designers. Digital tablets have almost zeroed the gap between digitally created work, and its manual counterpart. Not just stopping with that, they have also designed a significant amount of easiness for the designers, to bring out their imagination with the higher degree of excellence. We are going to see one such device, which is design by counting both the excellence of work and reduction of manual effort. We are talking about the VEIKK A50 Digital Drawing Tablet, created by the famous VEIKK.

Specifications of VEIKK A50:


VEIKK is one of the many well-known companies in the global market headed in Beijing, and pioneering the manufacture of digital designing devices. It is one of its kind, which has not failed to meet the needs of the designer, and brings out the artistic talent of the designer in a practical way. Indeed you can notice that VEIKK A50 is a boon to the multimedia industry.

Its use can be felt not only in the multimedia related fields but also in other notable sectors like education, engineering, public utilities, national security and a lot more. It is one electronic device that is not just user-friendly, but eco-friendly as well. The description of the features of the VEIKK A50 will help you understand in which way it stands out from other digital devices in the market.



VEIKK A50 is designed carefully in such a way that, it has taken into account all the parameters that are related to digital designing and drawing. Right from the level of convenience in holding the drawing pen, to the high defined output on the computer screen, it brings out the best in all of them. Both the hardware and the software of the device is built to bring about an impeccable output in any computer that comes with a good graphics architecture interface. The VEIKK A50 delivers a focuses on the following three main features, which also serves to be the features which make the device unique from other such products.



Any digital input device should hold a level of skill, in bringing out the effect in the most appropriate way, as expected by the designer. Any artist who would use VEIKK A50 will feel that it has the sound ability to convert the ideas in the mind of the artist, to its digital presence in the monitor with high precision. The best part of this device is, you get such accuracy with very minimal physical effort.


Compatibility of a digital drawing tablet plays a very crucial role in assuring the sustainability of the product in a world where the grounds of technology and the approach towards them, take a new level on a rapid pace. The designers of VEIKK A50 have keenly studied the possible areas of opportunity. Here the compatible features of the device are felt very effectively. These areas are directly related to the hardware features of the output devices.



One of the other features that the VEIKK A50 holds a firm ground on is its sustainability. An input device like a digital drawing panel, should not only establish its efficiency but also has to sustain the same throughout its lifetime. Well, our guy has a strong tendency to never compromise on this area at any cost. Both the hardware and the software of VEIKK A50, show a sound and sustained efficiency. The very equipment of VEIKK A50 is constructed using the appropriate tensile material, that can withstand some significant stress imposed on the device.
Let’s now see the main features of our VEIKK A50.

VEIKK A50 – The Screen:

The screen of the device is first of all, user-friendly. The “User-friendly” we talk about here is the physical comfort of using the method. You need not be too much cautious or concerned about placing your hands on the screen and working on it. Free movements of hands as possible while working with VEIKK A50.


The artist when working on a VEIKK A50, almost feels that he is working on a regular pen and paper. The architecture of the device is so advanced that its electronic nature diminishes to a very high degree. You can be less worried about the positioning or the orientation of your hands on the device. The screen palate can take the maximum pressure that a human hand can exert. Overall, it is only the flow of imagination happening throughout, and unwanted concerns and worries of the user perhaps take the last place.


The next feature of the screen is the drawing area of the device. In electronic equipment like a digital draw palate, the screen serves a significant space in delivering the quality of the work. This means, only when the artist or the designer can get a clear image of what he is drawing, will it help to give a precise and perfect output. The work area or the drawing area is, 10 inches along the diagonal, and this means there is enough room for the user to move around his arms, throughout the place of the screen.


The device also supports accessories, which helps to place the screen at a required inclination, for drawing. It is also possible for the user to mount the screen, on the regularly used surface like the computer table. Else, it can incline like a drawing board. This feature increases the adaptability of the device, to the artists who do not expose to digital drawing in their past.

Drawing Area:

Due to the advanced features of the screen and the multiple options available to keep the plane of the screen at the desired inclination. New artists feel that they are not working on something that is a new introduction to them. This is because generally with the regular artists, the usage of their tools, like the brushes are natural to be used and only then they can come up with great artwork. It goes the same with the VEIKK A50 as well.


The screen is also susceptible to even a minute pressure that releases on its surface. This doesn’t mean that you have to constrain your free movements over the drawing area. It just simply means that you don’t have to put in much pressure while performing your artwork. In other words, VEIKK A50 is sensitive to the slightest feather touch, which gives a handy output. For instance, we can get a defined curve or a line when giving the least possible pressure on the device screen.

The pressure sensitivity of VEIKK A50 is précised as 8192. It has a graphical clarity of 5080 LPI (Lines Per Inch). Lines per inch is similar to the pixels in the digital image. The more the LPI, the higher the resolution and clarity of the picture.

Features of VEIKK A50:

One of the other critical features of a digital drawing tablet is its quickness in picking up the input signals. The signals are nothing but the pressure delivered at the drawing pen, felt at the surface of the screen. The responding speed of VEIKK A50 is significantly quick. Technically speaking, the quickness of response of VEIKK A50 is 250 Point/Sec. Which means it picks up 250 points from the line or a curve, drawn on its screen in one second. This is almost like a real-time drawing. The strokes are at the display of the device, at the same time we draw it on the monitor.


The screen also has multiple keys at their sides, making it easy for the designer to access these keys quickly. These keys work based on the operation of pressing, rubbing and circling the fingertips over them. These buttons act as shortcut keys and effectively replaces the use of the keyboard.

VEIKK A50 – The Pen

The drawing pen is the central intermediate element that connects the designer’s input command to the VEIKK A50. The free movement of the pen drives the smooth curves, lines, and designs in the screen. The drawing pen comes with a rigid body, which is comfortable in fingers. In this way, you feel like carrying a regular pencil or a pen. Though it has multiple purposes and sophisticated hardware installed in it. It is on par with its reality cousins- the real pens and pencils. When you are using the pen, you tend to get almost an organic feel. Making you believe that it’s not an electronic device you are holding in your hands, but a hand-made, general purpose pen.


However, as said already, though it looks like it’s a very easy and a simple stylus, its advanced electronic and digital features cannot be skipped. It holds few clickable buttons that are provided to carry out specific, but also essential operations. These buttons serve the purpose of the Right and Left clicks, which is in the mouse. Each customized click of the button performs some unique operations.

Pen working on screen:

For instance, the buttons can be helpful in even scrolling the screen. Few of the critical activities include toggling between the drawing sheets in the display, skipping the palates used on the drawing panel, etc. The buttons also help with Right-clicking on any screen and pull up a drop-down list. You can realize the multiple features of the pen when you are working on designing software like Adobe Photoshop, 3D Max, Flash, and others.


The digital pen has a comparatively greater usage when it comes to drawing. The enclosure supports different stroke types and thicknesses. The complicate use of the mouse and its restriction of free movement, are effectively overcome by the digital pen. The tip of the pen will act as the mouse pointer. We don’t have to move the mouse around to click on a particular area on the screen. Instead, we can knock the pen tip on the area where we need a click to make on display. Accompanied by the UNDO option within itself, the drawing pen means an excellent deal for the users. It is essential to keep the pen safe, as it can be easily be misunderstood with any other ordinary pens.

The setup comes with a pen pocket. It contains eight replaceable pen tips (or nibs). It’s easy to replace the tips as well. The pen pocket also serves the purpose of placing the pen within it, while it is not under use, during a drawing session.

VEIKK A50 – The Kit

After explaining all the features of the device, it will be very unfair to say that the total device weights about 10Kgs. It is essential to have an easy go with the mobility of the device. This becomes very true, as digital designers never really prefer to sit and work in one good place. Also importing and exporting of digital files, will not be an easy task when the drawing digital panel is held up in one permanent place.


The good news is, VEIKK A50 comes in an easy to carry kit. The Kit weighs only 0.5360 kg, and after the packaging, it still weighs 1.1000 kg. The overall dimension of the equipment is 35.80 x 20.00 x 0.90 cm / 14.09 x 7.87 x 0.35 inches (L x W x H). The other accessories that accompany the device are a USB cable that is used to link the pen to the tablet. A removal tool and a user manual in English is also a part of the kit.

Having such advanced features, the device is worth learning to excel the same. It is undoubtedly going to be the fun ride in exploring VEIKK A50. It is a good companion for our creative desires and makes the creativity in our hearts and minds, to come alive visually and also go digital.

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