Xiaomi Mi Ruby 2019 Laptop Review: Full Specs and price

Here Chinese firm Xiaomi has come up with its new invention Mi Ruby 2019 Laptop. The laptop was launched in November 2018 with a full bucket of advanced features.

The tech lovers found Xiaomi the next-gen manufacturer because of their innovative concepts and price affordability. They are passionate to produce exceptional keeping in mind the core needs of the customers.

The Xiaomi Mi Ruby 2019 notebook laptop is the evidence of it. Further, the company draft the piece by involving ultra-modern technologies to make it the product of all trades.

With the Windows 10 operating system, the Xiaomi Mi Ruby ensures high-end performance while working with the Intel Core-i5 8250U processor. Similarly, it features a 15.6-inch screen to make sure the great visual experience all the time.

While taking on the RAM and ROM attribute, the Xiaomi Mi Ruby 2019 laptop has an 8 GB RAM slot along with the 256 GB internal disk drive. Undoubtedly, you are about to enjoy a massive storage capacity at all.

The security concerns are the topic of discussion today. Therefore, the Xiaomi is offering you the unbeatable security approach through fingerprint identification. This can be the super safe mode to make your laptop inaccessible by unauthorized persons.

Furthermore, the metal body displays superfine and glossy outlook in the dark Grey colour skin.

In the following part, we conclude the specifications and highlighting features of the Xiaomi Mi Ruby 2019 laptop.

Xiaomi Mi Ruby 2019 Laptop: Features and Specifications

Colour and Design

Xiaomi is presenting the Mi Ruby 2019 in an ergonomic design with soft and glossy outlook.

Before we engaged in buying any product, we examine the design and outlook on a prime basis. If our eyes purchase it first, it would be ours by heart.

Accordingly, the company has focused more on to create a stunning design suitable to all customer segments. You will get a single colour option the dark Grey with the Xiaomi Mi Ruby laptop.

Xiaomi Mi ruby 2019

The upper metal cover describes the combination of fashion and stability. There is no Logo on the back of the lid to continue with the minimalist design.

The thin and lightweight approach provides comfort handling while using the laptop on the go. The Xiaomi Mi Ruby 2019 laptop weighs only at 2 kg and makes it easy to carry away.

Operating System

Creating the coalition with Microsoft, the Xiaomi Mi Ruby Notebook Laptop uses the Windows 10 operating system as a base platform. Therefore, the laptop can run and accumulate a wide range of drivers, software and programs.

Similarly, the system is powered by the Intel Core i5-8250U Quad-Core processor. The i-series has gained the market because of the assurance of the ultra-high speed at minimum lags. The processor capacity ranges between 1.6 GHz to 3.6 GHz which is developed with 14nm process technology.

Xiaomi Mi ruby 2019

It can be said that the Xiaomi Mi Ruby 2019 laptop will cater to the users’ needs efficiently using lower power consumption.

Along with, the Mi Ruby laptop has the Intel UHD 620 integrated graphics with shared memory. Correspondingly, the user experience will be at peak with high-quality images and stunning gaming and video experience.


Well, the 15.6-inch display of the Xiaomi Mi Ruby 2019 laptop is the central attraction. Further, it consumes an anti-glare technology to protect your eyes against harms. Hence, you can work on longer sessions without disturbing your eyes as it creates an eye-friendly environment for better relationships.

The full HD screen provides 1920×1080 screen resolution pixels to enhance and modify your visual impact with the Xiaomi Mi Ruby 2019. Also, the screen of the Mi Ruby laptop offers 178-degree wide viewing angle to make the pictures more delicate and rich.

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The display ratio is 16:9 and 15 times sharpness improves quality and mobility. For gaming lovers, the Xiaomi Mi Ruby 2019 laptop provides the best platform to run high-end games with great visibility and impact. The larger screen will display each particle clearly to perceive the scenes to be happened in reality.


To bring outstanding multi-tasking, the Xiaomi Mi Ruby 2019 laptop equips an 8 GB RAM made of DDR4 technology. Therefore, you are eligible to enjoy superfast and hassle-free multitasking at optimum speed.

Side by, there is a 256 GB SSD storage space to contain your files and data on to a single drive. Memory space is always being a crucial part of any laptop or smartphone. Accordingly, Xiaomi has the potential to offer extra space as they are performing in their smartphone segment.

Mi ruby 2019

Furthermore, the SSD platform ensures superfast data transfer and read functions. It is based on the mPCI-E interface. You can also improve your internal storage space up to 128 GB more using an external SD card.

With regard to the RAM, you can further extend it up to 16 GB as per your requirements.


Today, face chat is the trendy tool to communicate with distant persons. For it, users love to have a camera on their PC laptop. Taking in mind, Xiaomi adds a 1.0 MP camera on the front of the Xiaomi Mi Ruby 2019 laptop.

Using it, the users have the freedom to capture marvelous moments in videos and images. They can enjoy face chat while chatting on considerable platforms.

Xiaomi Mi ruby 2019

Additionally, the camera feature eliminates the need to be dependable upon your smartphone for photo shoot purpose. You can simply turn it on and enjoy the video chat on the go.


The Xiaomi Mi Ruby laptop has a powerful 4500 mAh Li-ion battery. Therefore, it is fully capable of giving you the minimum 5-hour video playback time on a single charge. Although it does not support wireless charging system, the charging speed is good comparatively.

Dual-Fan Cooling System

It is obvious the electronic gadgets get heat while operating for a long time without the rest. They need a perfect and smart cooling system to ensure long-term usability without any interruption.

The Xiaomi Mi Ruby 2019 laptop comes with a dual-fan set to fight against the heat erupted. Furthermore, it has a powerful heat dissipation system to give you the long-lasting working sessions.

The Mi Ruby laptop is installed with the dual-fan and double air outlet to exit the heat. It will take care of your system against heat while you are enjoying your work or entertainment. Your laptop system will be calm and efficient to produce exceptional results.

Multiple Touchpad Functions

As the Xiaomi Mi Ruby 2019 laptop has a large touchpad used in place of a mouse to command the system. Amazingly, the touchpad is used not only to click the folders but various other hidden functions.

Usually, we make a single click or double click on the files or links using our single finger. With this touchpad, you can also perform multiple functions using 2, 3, or 4 fingers. When you swipe using two fingers, you are able to scroll up and down the pages, websites and more.

Xiaomi Mi ruby 2019

Similarly, with two-finger pinch, the page will be zooming in and out. With three-finger swipe, the taskbar will open and you can switch between multiple tabs as per your preferences.

Along with, the three-finger click will access you the option to call up Microsoft Xiaona.

And last, the four-finger click will call up task center.

Multiple Connectivity Ports

This is the fabulous part as the Xiaomi Mi Ruby 2019 laptop gives you the option to connect with multiple gadgets. It provides a 3.5 mm audio output jack to attach headphones, external speakers etc.

Similarly, on the left-hand side, there are dual-USB 3.0 ports, an Ethernet port up to 1000 Mbps, an HDMI port, and a headphone jack.

On the contrary, there is a USB 2.0 port, 3-in-1 card reader along with power interface.

Mi ruby 2019

Hence, the users will get full freedom to attach their devices to make it worthy and useful for better results. You can attach the Xiaomi Mi Ruby laptop with a projector to cast it on the bigger display for thrilling home theatre experience.

Multiple Network Options

Moreover, with Xiaomi Mi Ruby, you can enjoy various network services. It has a Bluetooth 4.1 version connectivity to ensure wireless file transfer with high-quality intact. Further, there is a LAN card to support dual WIFI 2.4 GHz/5.0 GHz.

It also contains 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac wireless internet facility.

Unique Fingerprint Identification

The Xiaomi Mi Ruby 2019 laptop provides a unique security feature to make it fully safe and secure against unwanted threats.

The system has a fingerprint sensor to unlock your laptop. Therefore, now your security is at your fingertip. No one can access your data and files without your permission.

Most importantly, it is fast and reliable. It saves the time of entering passwords and also eliminating the complexities to remember them.


Finally, the price of the Xiaomi Mi Ruby 2019 laptop 2019 is affordable against its high-end qualities. It will cost you at $749.99 after a 25% discount on Gearbest online store. Click below to buy now:

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