Xiaomi Preheats the Redmibook Full Screen Notebook

Redmibook Full Screen Notebook

The Redmi K30 series flagship new product launch conference was held on December 10. Previously, according to the officials, this conference will also launch IoT devices such as Redmi router AC2100 and Redmi small love speaker Play. Now officially confirm that RedmiBook full screen notebook will also release by then.

Xiaomi notebooks warm up again tonight. Indicating that the double narrow side and triple narrow side can also be called full screen. In our opinion, one less edge will not work! Say your imagination, let’s take a look at what a true “full screen” notebook should look like!

Redmibook Full Screen Notebook

Xiaomi introduced that, as the first RedmiBook full-screen notebook, not only the ultimate cost-effectiveness, but also a thinner and lighter body, a more shocking large screen, and a higher-end quality pursuit. The new RedmiBook product line brings a new “full screen” beyond imagination!

According to the official, Redmi AIoT has three arrows, and it is necessary to build a complete Redmi ecosystem. In fact, in March of this year, Lu Weibing announced Redmi’s strategy and goals, including expanding categories, deploying AIoT, and building a red rice ecosystem.

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