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LCD Display Production Lines Are All Trapped In Japan and South Korea

LCD Display

In the second half of 2019, the world’s LCD display industry began a major reshuffle. The display panel is an important strategic component in the generation of science and technology. Thus, the latter undoubtedly has absolute control in China.

The market share of Chinese LCD display makers is approaching Japanese and South Korean companies. At the same time, the release of new production capacity is further driving down the display panel prices. This fierce competition has led many Japanese and South Korean LCD displays making companies lose money. So the companies have reduced the capacity, transformed the production or even left the market completely.

First, Samsung and LG successively closed several LCD panel production lines. A bit later, Panasonic also announced that it would officially leave the LCD panel business, and its production will be terminated in 2021.

Faced with the powerful offensive of Chinese panel makers, Samsung and LG Display adjusted the LCD business. Samsung Electronics has significantly reduced the production of 7th and 8.5th generation LCD panels. LG Display has also recently stopped some production lines of 7.5th and 8.5th generation LCD panels. These processes will cause to widen the gap between them and Chinese panel manufacturers.

LCD Display

As Sharp switched to Hon Hai, only JDI, a medium-sized panel manufacturer, is still struggling in the market. But the company’s future is uncertain due to funding problems. In the near future, Japan‘s liquid crystal industry, including high-end OLED displays, will face difficulties.

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As a result, commercial displays and other products, including TV, were affected. At present, the average price of 65-inch LCD TVs has fallen below 5,000 yuan. This is undoubtedly a market change that consumers love. We guess that 70-inch TV products will enter thousands of households in 2020 in these conditions.


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