Lei Jun Experiences Black Shark 3 Pro Lifting Gaming Buttons

Today, Black Shark officially announced that the Black Shark 3 Pro will support lifting mechanical gaming buttons. Also, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun also experienced the feel of the mechanical buttons on the phone for the first time.

Lei Jun said that he actually measured the Black Shark 3 Pro and played a few games. In fact, he was quite satisfied with the experience he got.

The design of the lifting mechanical gaming buttons used by the Black Shark 3 Pro conforms to the ergonomic curved surface design and fits various hand shapes. At the same time, the button feedback reaches zero delay and zero mistouch. It supports intelligent lifting and has a 21mm keycap and 1.5mm key stroke. Also, it can withstand more than 300,000 lifts and more than 1 million clicks.

Black Shark 3

In addition to the lifting mechanical buttons, the Tencent Black Shark Gaming Phone 3 is expected to be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor, 12GB RAM, built-in 4720mAh battery, supporting 65W fast charging and back magnetic charging. And just yesterday, we learned it will retain the 3.5mm headphone plug.

At the launch conference, the manufacturer will also announce a new Bluetooth gaming headset. Yesterday, the director of the Black Shark Technology Product Center said those who have used Bluetooth headsets must know that the delay problem is the pain point of various Bluetooth headsets. It has led to a very bad gaming experience for Bluetooth headsets. Even Apple’s AirPods Pro is no exception. We can say that there is currently no good low-latency Bluetooth headset on the market.

The Black Shark Acoustics Team has brought a brand new Bluetooth headset-Black Shark Bluetooth Gaming Headset 2. It uses Lou’s moving iron + 10mm moving coil acoustic unit, LHDC ultra-high-definition encoding, combined with the exclusive Black Shark tuning. The company said that it can give everyone an unprecedented audio experience.


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