Lei Jun Cooked Private Dish ‘Qinghai Sanlitun’ For Xiaomi Family Dinner

On December 27, at the annual Xiaomi family dinner in the Xiaomi science and technology park, Mi fans gathered to enjoy the warm moment. Xiaomi family dinner holds for five consecutive years, every year allowing Mi fans to look forward to and surprise. This year, Xiaomi park turned into a “playground” for its Mi fans. Xiaomi group founder, chairman, and CEO Lei Jun also sent his private food “Qinghai Sanlitun”.

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Science and technology park with new meaning

Since Xiaomi moved into its new home in September, the technology park became the best place in the world for Mi fans. And this year’s family banquet is to transform the science park into a “playground. In the past, there has been always full of a mysterious sense of science and technology. The lively made decoration of red and blue, the hot air of the banquet for 500 people. This is a good gift of ingenuity, warm Mi fans.

This year’s family banquet has adopted a fair and just way to select Mi fans. Many Mi users are the first time to experience a family reunion. Upon arriving at the park, Mi Fan will receive the customs clearance manual. At 3 pm, Trolltech PK kicked off. Red and blue confrontation + punch and stamp, the scene was hot. From the Xiaomi House to the Time Capsule; or from the fixed time to Xiaomi; from smelling wine to the whole house intelligence, “buried” the next level in the Xiaomi Science and Technology Park to test the rice flour brainpower and physical strength, win prizes and feel joy.

Participation is everywhere

Xiaomi always attached great importance to the sense of participation. MIUI has 100 dream sponsors, hundreds of thousands of users waiting for the next edition every week. Senior MI fans who help engineers find bugs. The support of the MI fans makes “making friends with users” become Xiaomi’s credo. It is giving Xiaomi the original power to go through difficulties all the way.

This Xiaomi family dinner, millet also set up a “face to face” with the engineers, 14 parts to participate in the forum.

The characteristic of the gluttonous feast is fully revealed

Every year millet family dinner special dishes are inseparable from millet canteen chefs carefully designed. Dishes should not only look but also smell and taste good. It also has unique creativity and Xiaomi characteristics. Xiaomi is another embodiment of high standards, strict requirements. This year’s Xiaomi family banquet dishes have a unique style: no man’s land, big devil king and small fairy, north driftless small pride, quality bar.

“Qinghe Sanlitun” at Xiaomi Family Dinner

Every year, rice fans are most looking forward to Lei Jun personally operated “Lei’s private room dishes.” The past dinner dishes of Lei Jun was “jelly” MIX “comprehensive screen”. This represents the super strength of black science and technology, the delicate fish cake. That highlights the “craftsman spirit” of millet people. And Finally, the “Wufu linemen dumpling” that “explore” the surprise combination of five ingredients, is full of ingenious thoughts every year.

After the silver valley building, volume stone building, hong yuan building, multicolored city building, and surrounding office buildings, north Piao 9 years of millet finally have a home, successfully live in the millet technology park. After the completion of the millet science and technology park, it has been dubbed “Qinghai Sanlitun” by the outside world because of its modern architectural design, gorgeous night lighting, as well as all kinds of delicious food and high-tech office environment. Millet and rice noodles, linked to heart, love in “home”, all the way you.


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