LG Folding Screen phone patent exposure: exactly like Huawei Mate X

LG folding phone

The recent intensive appearance of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, Huawei Mate X and Motorola RAZR make folding smartphones a hot topic again. The foldable screen smartphones manufactured by Samsung and Huawei have seriously engaged the public. Nevertheless, this new technology is not only followed by Samsung and Huawei, but also by other companies. LG is one of the companies working on this technology, and apparently, in 2020 we will talk about the LG folding-screen phone.

There have been rumors that LG may launch a folding device this year. However, it has not appeared until the end of the year. Nevertheless, LG still applied for a large number of related patents.

According to letsgodigital, a new LG patent for a smartphone was revealed on November 29 in 2019, entitled “Foldable Smartphone with Flexible OLED Screen”. The machine adopts a foldout design. Earlier, LG’s mobile department said that LG is also developing foldable smartphones. Nevertheless, there is no report on the time that this device will arrive in the market – that is if they will ever arrive.

The camera of the smartphone is located at the edge of the screen, which can be used regardless of unfolding. This design avoids screen gaps and is very similar to the direction of Huawei Mate X.

However, the thickness and length of the left and right LG folding smartphones are different in the unfolded state. Perhaps the main components are concentrated on the left side. In the result in the left side being significantly thicker and longer than the right side. Also, the power button of the LG folding phone Located at the top. However, it is not very convenient for large size devices.

It is understood that LG has said in 2018 that it will launch a folding smartphone with a flexible screen. Nevertheless, his statement has not been implemented yet. Of course, we can expect LG’s first folding phone to debut at CES 2020 or MWC 2020.

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