LG Sues Samsung for False Propaganda

According to Yonhap, LG said on Friday that it has filed a lawsuit on a TV commercial of Samsung Electronics at a Korean corporate regulator. The latter is accused to exaggerate and mislead customers of its QLED brand.

LG said that Samsung’s QLED TV is just an LCD TV with a QD backlight. It is not a ‘true QLED’ display using quantum dot LEDs. LG further stressed that Samsung will call its premium TV product line ‘SUHD’ (Ultra Ultra HD) in 2015 and 2016, and change its brand to ‘QLED’ in 2017, which sounds like LG’s OLED (organic luminescence diode).

In a complaint submitted to the Fair Trade Commission, LG pointed out that ‘Samsung’s QLED TV is a product that adds a quantum dot (QD panels) to LCD TVs, and is theoretically the same as LCD TVs that use backlight panels and light control films. However, Samsung has promoted its own LCD TV as QLED TV.’ LG believes that ‘necessary measures’ should be taken against Samsung’s ‘exaggerated and misleading’ advertisements to protect consumer rights.

In the face of LG’s allegations, Samsung said in a statement: ‘At a time when both domestic and international business environments are facing challenges, rude disputes are causing confusion between consumers and market participants. We will deal with LG without any urgency. According to the claim.’

If you want to learn more about the differences between these two technologies, CNET has published a detailed article long before. Say, the source thinks a QLED TV is just an LCD TV with quantum dots:

  • OLED stands for ‘organic light-emitting diode.’
  • Q LED (according to Samsung) stands for ‘quantum dot LED TV.’
  • OLED is a fundamentally different technology from LCD, the major type of TV today.
  • QLED is a variation of LED LCD, adding a quantum dot film to the LCD ‘sandwich.’
  • OLED is ‘emissive,’ meaning the pixels emit their own light.
  • QLED, like LCD, is, in its current form, ‘transmissive’ and relies on an LED backlight.


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