Redmi K30 Pro

Lu Weibing Hints That Redmi K30 Pro Is Well-stocked

Today, Lu Weibing, vice president of Xiaomi Group, president of China, and general manager of Redmi Redmi brand, issued a post indicating that Redmi K30 Pro is fully stocked.

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The Redmi K30 Pro will be released this month. It will use a pop-up full-screen design. Thus, it is going to be Xiaomi’s first pop-up Snapdragon 865 flagship. As you guess, under the hood, it will carry the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 flagship platform. Apart from this, it is going to sport a LPDDR5 memory and UFS 3.0 flash storage. The rear main camera may has a 64MP resolution. And we have heard that this handset will support 33W flash charge.

Redmi Product Director Wang Teng also hinted that the price of the Redmi K30 Pro will be more than 3,000 yuan ($429). Those who want to buy a flagship smartphone priced at 3,000 yuan, should keep waiting a little more.

Lu Weibing said that in the 5G era, Redmi wants to be a 5G pioneer and insist on high quality and extreme price / performance ratio. The Redmi K30Pro will inherit the glory of Redmi K20 Pro.

Also, Lu Weibing stated on Weibo that the Redmi K30 Pro conference will not only include smartphones, but may launch Redmi AIoT products. Users also speculated that Redmi WiFi 6 router, Redmi smartband, and other popular products may be released.

At present, Redmi has covered many categories such as routers, smart speakers, TVs, wireless headsets, power banks, home appliances (washing machines), etc. This ecosystem will be further enriched and improved in the future.


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