Mengqu Thermos Cup

Mengqu Thermos Cup Launched by Xiaomi Youpin

On January 29, Xiaomi Youpin launched a special beauty engraved cup with a cute bounce cover. The Mengqu Thermos Cup uses a 316 stainless steel thin mirror inner liner and a built-in tea bounce cover.

The newly upgraded bouncing cup lid has a built-in tea compartment. Due to the smart pop-up option and one-handed operation, you can use it without pressure. The lid opens at 175 wide-angle, designed to prevent drinking water from touching the face and restore a comfortable drinking posture.

Mengqu Thermos Cup

The thermos cup adopts the double locking position of the lid and the lock. The latter effectively prevents the lid from being accidentally opened and reduces the possibility of water leakage. And you can easily remove the components of the cup lid for easy cleaning.

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The inner tank is made of medical-grade 316 stainless steel, which has better oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance. Used electrolytic technology helps to peel off the oxide layer on the stainless steel surface to form a mirror-like inner wall. Thanks to it, it is not easy to adhere and remain and it is very easy to clean the Mengqu Thermos Cup.

Under the vacuum condition, the computer controls the cup body. This helps to complete the extraction, welding, and cooling of the inner microwave copper plating, which effectively increases the insulation time.

The insulation cup body uses skin-like baking paint, which is soft to the skin, non-slip and wear-resistant. The cup is 229mm tall and 65mm in diameter. The whole cup weighs only 215g, thus, it is lighter than the Apple iPhone 11 and is a must for outdoor enthusiasts.


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