Surface Duo

Microsoft Executives: The Most Suitable Operating System forcc Is Android.

Microsoft has officially released a Surface Phone called “Surface Duo”. It has two display screens and a hinge that can rotate 360 ​​degrees.

After the failed Windows on Mobile attempt, this is the first product after Microsoft’s return to mobile phone business. Microsoft has partnered with Google to bring a customized Android experience to the dual-screen Surface Duo and Google Play Store app ecosystem.

Surface Duo is an Android mobile device, but not because consumers are not interested in smartphones with Windows. However, because Android is more suitable for Surface Duo. According to Microsoft’s Panos Panay, Android is the most suitable operating system for devices such as Surface Duo. Microsoft does not want to create a new operating system to win Android users.

Surface Duo

Panos Panay, chief financial officer of Microsoft’s equipment division, said recently. “The best operating system for products like Surface Duo is Android.” He said: “We hope to further meet the needs of Android customers,” . “If potential customers are already using Android.” Is it worthwhile for Microsoft to build a new mobile operating system from scratch to try to win their favor? Microsoft doesn’t think so.”

Currently, Microsoft has no plans to use Windows 10 or Windows 10X to build Surface Duo. But this does not mean that Windows cannot enter mobile devices. If the Surface Neo project is successful, future users will see a small screen folding device with Windows 10.

The Surface Duo is equipped with two 5.6-inch displays and a large frame with a Snapdragon 855 processor, front-facing camera. It will be available during the Christmas holidays of 2020.

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