Microsoft Renamed Windows Defender ATP to Microsoft Defender ATP

Microsoft announced the expansion of Windows Defender ATP support to non-Windows apparatus. Additionally, so as to reflect this shift, Microsoft renamed Windows Defender ATP into Microsoft Defender ATP. But this shift isn’t now mirrored on the Windows 10 program, but Microsoft Defender on Windows 10 is not far away.

According to latest reports, Microsoft is launching Microsoft Defender from the Windows 10 20H1 upgrade, which is scheduled for launch in April 2020. The practice of switching from Windows into Microsoft has started; from the newly released Windows 10 20H1 update construct 18941, the titles of several Windows Defender parts have changed.

It is worth noting that Microsoft ATP won’t behave differently compared to Windows Defender, and its performance will remain the same as before. Obviously, these innovative features, if declared, will also appear on non-Windows apparatus, such as Mac devices.

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