Microsoft’s Next-Gen Windows Core OS System and Device Exposure

The rumored Windows Core OS is preparing for the “next generation” of Microsoft devices. Its evidenced by the latest Microsoft software engineer LinkedIn profile information.

Experienced C++ developers with expertise in cloud management operating system development. Azure-based device management functions and protocols are available on IoT devices, next-generation WCOS devices.Windows desktops, HoloLens and Windows Server,” the engineer Wrote in the introduction.

Microsoft’s Windows Core OS system is to be a Windows-based operating system that is going to support a variety of computing devices. Next-generation devices include the Surface Hub, HoloLens, and upcoming foldable screen devices.

Another configuration file points to the Windows storage implementation on Windows Core OS. Its a way to protect data from drive failures. This feature will increase the flexibility of Windows devices.

“Backspace internal API for managing space, and advanced metadata version for Windows low-level versions of WCOS (Windows Core OS),” the configuration file displays.

The term WCOS (Windows Core OS) was previously use by Microsoft for LinkedIn posts. Recently, foreign media has discovered multiple configuration files, including tips for open source components. And new operations centers in Windows Core OS.

Windows Core OS or modular operating systems may be a necessary project. Because Windows is not their to run on all shapes, and computing is rapidly evolving. A modern operating system provides a better software update experience, security and overall improved compatibility.

Microsoft has also been working on a large software update for the Surface Hub. It is reported to be part of the Windows Core OS (WCOS) project. Microsoft announced the HoloLens 2 on the MWC2019, which should also be accompanied by the Windows Core OS version.

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