Mijia Bluetooth Thermometer 2 Launched With New Features

Xiaomi’s new Mijia Bluetooth thermometer 2 is officially on sale today. This is a good choice to control the apartment’s temperature.

Temperature and humidity are closely related to our health. Sudden changes may make your tongue dry, have a cold and fever, or be allergic. Mijia Bluetooth thermometer 2 allows you to perceive the slight changes in temperature and humidity. It also allows you to adjust the indoor temperature in conjunction with other smart devices in time.

Let’s see how this smart device works

You can connect the thermometer with the Mijia App and Xiaomi Mijia gateway. You can set a certain temperature in-app. The air conditioner can be configured to turn on automatically when the indoor temperature increases to a certain level. You can also have the heater kick in if the temperature drops during the night. This saves you from the stress of manually turning on or off any of these appliances.

This thermometer also has a baby mode. That will notify you when the temperature and humidity exceed the range for your baby. Xiaomi says it will not only send you a notification but also provide suggestions on what to do.

Unlike the previous generation of the Mijia thermometer, this newest device is very light. You can also view the temperature and humidity clearly on the 1.5-inch LCD display screen.

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On the other hand, you can put the Mijia thermometer 2 on the bedside table or desk. It can also be pasted on the wall with the attached wall sticker. Moreover, you can also hang it in the car, backpack, door, and other positions through the hanging holes reserved on the side of the sensor.

The device has a crowdfunding price of 49 yuan ($7). For a pack of 3, it will cost 29 yuan ($4). At the moment, Xiaomi says they have received more than 150.000 crowdfunding orders.


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