Mijia Constant Temperature Electric Kettle Pro Went On Sale

Those who likes Xiaomi products, should know there are many for various niches. And this is also true for kitchen products. There have been a couple of Xiaomi Electric Kettle models. And they all were very successful. But the last models hit the market long ago. And today, Xiaomi brought the Mijia Constant Temperature Electric Kettle Pro to various platforms such as Xiaomi Mall and Jingdong. This product is equipped with a display at the handle position, which can realize real-time display of water temperature.

Mijia Constant Temperature Electric Kettle Pro

As an upgraded version of the Mijia thermostatic electric kettle, the biggest highlight of the new product is that it is equipped with a screen to display the water temperature in real time. The Mijia Constant Temperature Electric Kettle Pro supports intelligent water temperature control. It provides 40/50/70/80/90 five kinds of temperature adjustment. Plus, there is a one-key quick switching. And it supports up to 12 hours of accurate constant temperature. At the same time, the manufacturer has added thyristor components. When the water temperature is lower than the heat preservation temperature, the small power is turned on to increase the temperature to achieve a light sound heat preservation effect. You won’t be awakened by sudden heating noise when you sleep.

The five-stage water temperature adjustment of this product corresponds to the use requirements of probiotics, milk powder, white tea, coffee, etc. In addition, this product supports an app control to customize the personalized temperature insulation function. The Mijia Constant Temperature Electric Kettle Pro also has the characteristics of anti-electric shock by hand, no leakage after rain, automatic power off when dry, and so on.

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