Mijia Projector 2 Pro With Improved Features Coming Tomorrow

Xiaomi was the first that brought the ultra-short-throw projectors to larger masses. Its first product from this type was announced back in 2016. Since then, this company is known as one of the best brands in terms of offering laser TVs. Of course, there are many sub-brands of Xiaomi selling their products under Xiaomi’s control. But the first one came our way from Mijia, the ‘right hand’ of Xiaomi. Anyways, after a couple of years, there was a lighter version of the mentioned projector. And today, Xiaomi TV official Weibo channel posted that the Mijia Projector 2 Pro will be released tomorrow. The published poster gives several selling points of the new device.

Mijia Projector 2 Pro

Judging from the poster, the Mijia Projector 2 Pro supports 1080P image resolution. Apart from this, it comes with a far-field voice support, side projection and massive resources. Particularly, far-field voice support means that you can call Xiao Ai voice assistant from a long distance without a remote control. Side projection means that the projector does not need to be installed in the direction opposite to the projection screen, and it also means that the projector supports keystone correction.

If you remember, the first generation Mijia projector was released in May 2018 with a resolution of 1080P and a price of 3,999 yuan ($572). The Mijia Projector 2 Pro is the second generation product and has “Pro” in the end. The functions are more powerful, and the selling price is estimated to increase. But we will learn everything about it only tomorrow.


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