Mijia Sonic Cleansing Instrument Announced At Affordable Price

Smart products designed for women are becoming more and more popular in the market. Recently, Xiaomi released the Mijia sonic cleansing instrument. In this category, it achieves the most excellent price-performance ratio under high quality.

On February 12, the Mijia Sonic Cleansing Instrument launched a crowdfunding campaign in the Xiaomi Mall, which was welcomed by many girls. On the occasion of the Mi Fan Festival, this facial cleanser is finally on sale at a price of 129 yuan ($18).

The Mijia Sonic Cleansing Instrument supports 5200 rpm high-frequency 3D multi-directional deep cleaning. It also comes with a safe silicone material, 3 zones with different functions and fine soft bristles to be skin-friendly and comfortable. Thus, it’s quite friendly to sensitive skin, ensuring cleansing and cleansing.


In addition, it also supports a 20-second reminder to change the area to clean. The product automatically stops in 2 minutes to prevent excessive face washing. At last, it comes with a storage box to maintain hygiene.

Our protagonist uses fine and soft bristles to deeply remove difficult-to-wash dirt. There are up to about 1915 bristles, driven by multi-directional high-frequency vibration. They deeply remove residual grease and dirt. Also, they reduce pore-clogging, and better absorb skincare products.

In terms of design, the Mijia cleansing instrument is only palm-sized. It provides two soothing color combinations of red and blue. The double-layer sandwich technology of a silicone skin containing antibacterial materials wrapped with SEBS thermoplastic elastomer creates a soft and skin-friendly touch and enhances cleaning comfort.

The Mijia Sonic Cleansing Instrument uses a Type-C charging port with a built-in 400mAh battery capacity. When the power is 100%, if you use only the first gear, it can be used about 264 times.


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