Mijia Sports Shoes 4 Officially Announced At 199 Yuan ($28)

Recently, the Mijia Sports Shoes 4 was officially released. On the premise of ensuring the normal function of sports shoes, it further optimized the structure of the shoe body and reduced the weight of the foot. Thus, it has become the representative of the lightest formula in the Mijia sports shoe family.

The Mijia Sneakers 4 continues the mature manufacturing process of integrated soles, hydraulically forming the popcorn midsole and four parts of different materials in the same mold. Simply put, it improves the overall comfort of the shoes.

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The midsole material is made of popcorn cloud bullet technology. It is made of countless elastic but light weight polymer materials foamed at a certain temperature.

Mijia Sports Shoes 4

The Mijia Sneakers 4 also uses 8 high-density wear-resistant webbings as fish bones to form a 360° wrap-around locking system. While improving the stability of the shoe body, the foot is firmly fixed in the shoe and forms a double torsion effect with the torsion balancing piece of the sole. When dealing with different conditions on the road, it provides strong and stable support for the body, making exercise more comfortable.

For the first time, the Mijia Sports Shoes 4 added the Microban antibacterial and deodorizing factors to the insole. It can penetrate bacterial cells and prevent the bacteria from maintaining normal life. Thus, it will achieve the effect of inhibiting the growth of bacteria and reducing the generation of odor.

Mijia Sports Shoes 4

These sneakers are available in three colors: flower gray, flower blue, and deep space black. Sizes vary from 39 to 44. They will be available for sale at Xiaomi Mall, Xiaomi Youpin, and Tmall on April 9. They come at a retail price of 199 yuan ($28).

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