MINI Classic British Car Reached Million-Level Production

Since 1959 to today, the classic British car MINI has been through 60 years. Recently in the MINI factory in Oxford, England, the 10 millionth MINI has also successfully stepped down the production line. It is the best celebration for MINI birthday. The achievement of the thousands of users is sufficient to prove how hot MINI is.


Of course, you can say that it looks too delicate, you can also criticize its power configuration is weak. However, in reality, this is sometimes considered the most”classic” of the MINI. Taking a look at the struggle of the Suez Canal in 1956, the United Kingdom broke from a critical energy crisis following the war. This immediately resulted in a sharp decrease in the earnings of standard automobiles. Although the German bubble automobile (bubble automobile ) took the chance to occupy the marketplace. These three-wheeled mini-cars have won the hearts of all Europeans with their flexible posture, fuel economy, and low price. The most classic of these is the BMW Isetta.


The British obviously didn’t sit back and observe their particular market and were haul away. They also started to develop a mini-car which has been positioned at reduced gas consumption and higher reliability, and suppressed the bubble automobile that grabbed the marketplace from the driving area. In the Long Run, Sir Alec Issigonis developed the model The Orange Box at 1957. This model has a visually”deceptive” effect. Even though it appears really petite, in reality, after utilizing the drum kit layout in the doorway. The distance from the car seems a whole lot more spacious than in the outside. Along with the innovative design of this back, and the body architecture, the desirable impact of Sir Alec Issigonis was eventually form. It was only after it change its title to MINI (there were a few renaming at the center, and it had been confirms following the purchase of BMW.

In August 1959, the first MINI was born. Of course, it was also call Morris Mini Minor and AuTSin Se7en. It was only later that it change its name to MINI (there were several renaming in the middle, and it was confirmed after the acquisition of BMW. For the uppercase MINI).

MINI has gained extremely large popularity following its successful record. Obviously, as well as its positioning to fulfill the market requirement. Stars deliver products” is also a significant reason MINI is popular. British celebrities have driven MINI around the roads. When Queen Elizabeth II sitting at the MINI ride has come to be a classic of this calendar year. This directly produces MINI a British high society Synonymous with style. Fad designer Mary Quant even made a miniature skirt motivated by MINI. That’s the ultra-short skirt that’s now quite common.


So let us cheer for MINI.

This manner, even prior to the source crisis, there was a German automobile. The original MINI nevertheless won quite high sales in the UK (the initial MINI eventually sold 1.19 million). In the 60 decades of history, the MINI get upgrades several times. Also the basic models like the MINI Cooper happen to be born. Obviously, MINI has undergone several low tides. However, it survive and finally returns to BMW beneath the Rover Group to receive a new life.

Until now, it remains a sign of British automobile culture. It’s one of their preferred versions of the British royal household and the celebrities. Although if we compare with all the machines that are crowded. The operation of the car is not sufficient to examine the looks somewhat too it’s compact. However, also the superb market and the exceptional layout of”little body and big distance” continue its own classics. So individuals who love MINI will continue love it.

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