More Optimized: Microsoft Releases Office Build 191114 Preview Update for MacOS Users

Office Build 191114

Microsoft has officially released a new Office Build 191114 preview update for Office Insider users on macOS. It is reported that in the new preview update, Microsoft has added several important new features to Outlook and brought bug fixes to Excel.

The following is Microsoft’s official upgrade log:


New or improved features

You can now compose and respond to emails inline

Bug fix

• Search: Added previously missing icons to the search bar

• Mail: Fixed information bar in draft emails

• Mail: Fixed header issues for mailing lists

• Calendar: Automatically select the main calendar

• General: bug fixes and optimizations

• General: Accessibility optimization


Fix the following bugs:

• The number format does not display the thousands and expected characters specified in the Mac locale.

• Cells with beveled text do not display correctly when printed.

• Some fonts have no space between characters and their underscores.

• Project crashes and other minor issues.

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