New Honor MagicBook 14/15 Is Quite Popular Among Students

Recently, Honor launched the new MagicBook 14/15 notebooks. It is equipped with a new Ryzen processor and coupled with Honor’s exclusive blue-cut design.

AMD Ryzen processors have already made a beautiful turnaround on the desktop side. Moreover, the processor won the trust of many OEMs and consumers on the mobile side. “AMD Yes” has also become the voice of notebook fans.

As notebook performance increases, more consumers are beginning to focus on notebook design. For this reason, the new Honor Magicbook 14/15 notebook uses a full-screen + narrow border design. The three-sided bezel is only 4.8mm. Interestingly, the camera is on the keyboard. The notebook uses a small blue edge drilling process. When opening and closing, the small blue edge will flash with the light. That’s more in line with the aesthetics of the young people.

The high-performance Ryzen low-voltage processors have become more and more popular. In terms of CPU, Ruilong 7 3700U is designed with 4 cores and 8 threads. The highest frequency can reach 4GHz. TDP is only 15W. As a low-voltage mobile processor, such configuration is sufficient for daily applications. It’s effortless in the face of mainstream e-sports games.

Thin and light + “multi-screen collaboration” – student party weapon

For the student party, the cost-effective AMD Ryzen is undoubtedly the most suitable choice. Not only the Honor Magicbook 14/15 adopt a slim design, but it also brings the future “multi-screen collaboration” function.

Taking the Honor Magicbook 14/15 as an example, Honor compresses the thickness to 15.9mm without limiting the Ryzen processor. It weighs only 1.38kg. For a student, who needs to travel to, it can be easily packed into a schoolbag.

A student, who needs to record a lot of notes, the multi-screen collaboration function will make learning easier. In simple terms, you can also connect the smartphone and the computer with a touch. That can realize real-time interaction across the system. When the mobile phone is operated on the computer screen, files and pictures can also be quickly transferred to each other.

Moreover, the student party usually records a large number of knowledge points on the smartphone. You can also view the knowledge points on the large screen just by touching the smartphone with the computer. You will also feel the convenience of science and technology for learning and living.

This cost-effective Honor Magicbook 14/15 notebook costs 3599 yuan ($503).


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