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New Redmi TV Will Be Announced Along With Redmi K30 Pro

Today, Redmi officially announced that at the March 24 conference, they will not only uncover the Redmi K30 Pro 5G smartphone but a new Redmi TV.

However, this is not going to be the first TV designed by Redmi. Previously, it released the Redmi TV 40-inch and Redmi TV 70-inch. But as the manufacturer said ‘there will be a product for a greater vision’, many users speculated that Redmi will release a larger size TV, maybe 75 or 80 inches.

The Redmi TV series is designed with a 70-inch 4K ultra-high-definition giant screen. Its display area is about 60% larger than the mainstream 55-inch models. The spokesperson said the cost of a 70-inch TV screen is more than double that of the 55-inch TV. It can bring more shocking immersion to the user. The best viewing distance of the 70-inch giant screen is 1.9m ~ 2.8m. So it can be placed in a small living room as well.

Under the hood, it carries an independent cavity speaker. This makes the sound performance even more pleasant. Under the hood, this TV carries the Amlogic quad-core 64-bit processor, which is paired with a 2GB of RAM and a 16GB flash storage. Of course, it supports Xiao Ai voice assistant like the Xiaomi Mi TV models. Also, users can make a quick scan of the code to mirror the phone content on the TV.

Redmi said this TV is more suitable for business offices. It can be used for conferences and presentations. The 70-inch giant screen is ideal for connecting to the working stations through HDMI.

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