Next Year We Can See Full Wireless TV Developed By Samsung

Samsung released a number of new TV products, including the flagship Q950TS QLED 8K borderless TV, the new size micro LED TV “The Wall” and picture wall TV, etc. They have powerful display technology. In addition, Samsung actually wanted to show a completely wireless TV, but failed to show it due to venue and other reasons.

Han Jong-Hee, president of Samsung Optical Display Division, revealed that this wireless TV developed by Samsung not only does not have a conventional video input cable, even a power cable. It will be difficult to rebuild the exhibition wall if it is displayed on site.

At the same time, Han also pointed out that at present the wireless power transmission is only about 2 meters away. Based on the actual situation of the exhibition site, the TV is likely to fail to light up. For all these reasons, Samsung finally gave up the display of this wireless TV.

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According to previous patent documents, Samsung wireless TVs are built in accordance with the principle of electromagnetic induction. However there must be no shielding in the sensing range. Some technical difficulties have not been completely overcome. So it seems that Samsung has achieved a level of mass production of wireless TVs.

It is worth mentioning that, as early as 10 years ago at the CES2010 show, “Wireless TV” has appeared. The well-known chinese domestic appliance brand Haier exhibited the world’s first “tailless TV” at that time. Haier realized the wireless transmission of 1080p signals through WHDI wireless video transmission technology. The principle of “non-radiactive magnetic coupling resonance” also realized long-range high-efficiency wireless power transmission. Although the product was wireless, because the technology was not mature enough. But the cost was relatively high at that time. However it could only be considered as a concept product for muscle show.


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