Nokia 8.2 Is Coming? Nokia Official Announcement: Launch of New Smartphone on December 5

Nokia 8.2

Nokia mobile phone announce on official Twitter that it will launch a new member of the Nokia mobile phone family on December 5, 2019. At present, Nokia has not revealed which specific smartphone it will unveil on the same day.

Nokia 8.2

According to some media reports, considering Nokia 8.1 was launch on December 5 last year, Nokia 8.2 as its iterative product. It is very likely to officially debut after 12 months.

Previous information shows that Nokia 8.2 will come equip with Qualcomm Snapdragon 735 processor. With minimum 4GB memory and 64GB body storage, front 32 million pixel pop-up camera, rear 64 million pixels four camera. Its 5G version should launch in February next year at MWC 2020.

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