Nokia Lumia 520: The most Cost-Effective Windows Phone Ever

According to gsmarena news, the best-selling Windows Phone in 2013 is the Nokia Lumia 520? Yes, you are not mistaken, this is true. The Lumia 520 has also become the most cost-effective Windows Phone. In fact, the PC market is declining in 2013. Windows tablets have never been popular, and Windows Phone has not. Until Windows Phone announced death, it failed to enter the mainstream smartphone market. Despite this, the Nokia Lumia 520 has become one of the most popular smartphones.

Nokia Lumia 520

Lumia 520’s position in the Windows Mobile field was not replace by the successor Lumia 535 until 2016. Why is this low-cost Lumia device so much “magic”?

The first reason is the price, the Lumia 520 was a launch of 2013, and by 2014, you only need $50 to get the machine. Although consumers can now buy a good Android device for $100, in 2013, Android’s situation is different from the current one.

Nokia Lumia 520

Second is a smooth system experience. For just $100, you have a dual-core CPU, a fairly clear screen, and a fairly fluid system. You should know that even the mid-range Android device did not reach the fluency of the Lumia 520. With the arrival of discounts and promotions, the sales of the Lumia 520 are getting better and better.

In comparison, Motorola (Moto G) starts at $180, while the Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 is price at $300. Compared with the Lumia 520, it cost more money but not the flagship chip and 4K camera.

Another point worth noting is the HERE map. Even though Google Maps already has offline navigation, HERE has the upper hand in terms of usability.

Nokia Lumia 520

However, the Nokia Lumia 520 also has its limitations. 512MB of memory means it can’t run some applications. Despite this, Microsoft has done everything it can to impove the phone, launching Lumia Amber, Black, Cyan and Denim updates. However, some of these updates are not available due to limited memory.

Released in just over a year, the Lumia 520 has exceeded 12 million activations. Until now we don’t know how many phones this phone sold, but it is definitely one of the most successful Windows Phones on the market. Unfortunately, sales of Microsoft’s flagship Lumia series have never touched the tens of millions of figures, and the company stopped supporting Windows Phone earlier this year.

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