OPPO Entering Europe, Three Smartphones Passed EEC Certification

In accordance with overseas media information OPPO Entering Europe, as its three brand new smartphones passed EEC certificate.

OPPO Entering Europe

In accordance with previous reports, OPPO submitted over 20 signature registration applications to the European Intellectual Property Office. These trademark applications were filed by the British NJ Akers & Co representative.

OPPO Entering Europe

Lately, based on friends broke the data, OPPO versions for CPH1931, CPH1941 and CPH1951 have passed on EEC certificate.

OPPO Entering Europe

In accordance with the prior Bluetooth Technology Alliance data, OPPO”CPH1931″ will utilize the eight-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 chip, clocked at 2GHz. The phone also contains a 6.5-inch HD display plus a sizable 5000mAh battery. Additionally, the OPPO”CPH1931″ cell phone runs on the ColorOS 6.1 operating system. Omgloaded supposes this smartphone appears to be the successor to OPPO R15 Guru; the website also stated that”CPH1931″ will introduction within the Reno series.

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