OPPO M1 chip can be used by their company product


On December 10, happened the OPPO Technology Conference. At the mentioned conference, OPPO Vice President and Dean of Research Institute Lu Zhang gave an interview. They said in an interview with the media that OPPO already has chip-level capabilities. The rumored the M1 chip may be used OPPO among the products.

Earlier, foreign media reported that OPPO has been developing its high-end chips. The company applied for a trademark named “OPPO M1” at the European Union Intellectual Property Office. It’s her includes “chips [integrated circuit]; semiconductor chips; computer chips; multi-processor chips; electronic chips for integrated circuit manufacturing; biochip; Smartphones; cell phones; screens. “

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It is also reported, that OPPO is working with engineers from MediaTek and Qualcomm. They should help to develop the M1 chip. The company responded at the time, that the OPPO M1 was a coprocessor under development. Making products well is the core strategy of OPPO. Any investment in R&D and technological innovation is aimed at creating a better user experience.

Liu Chang talked about the chip in an interview today. He said OPPO already has technical capabilities at the chip level. For example, VOOC flash chips are developed independently by OPPO. According to rumors, the OPPO M1 online chip is really planned, and in the future, it may appear in OPPO products for sale.


Liu Chang believes that OPPO must extend its capabilities to the chip field. The latter to be able to communicate with partners and make demands. In his opinion, chip manufacturing companies are far from users, but the definition of chips is inseparable from the needs of users. In this way, OPPO can connect the needs of users with chip companies. As a result, these products can better meet the needs of users.


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