Park Sculpture Will Engrave The Names Of The First Batch Of 100 Users Of Xiaomi MIUI

On the evening of August 16, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun expressed his gratitude to the first batch of 100 users. Who participated in the MIUI internal test through Weibo. He said that MIUI was officially release on August 16, 2010. The first version of the beta user has only 100 users. Those 100 users have accompanied the Xiaomi company to continuously improve their products. And develop into hundreds of millions of users today.

At the same time, to express the trust of the first 100 internal users to Xiaomi and MIUI. Lei Jun said that he will make a sculpture in the new headquarters of Xiaomi. It will be engrave with the names of 100 original MIUI forum users, and they are Xiaomi. The company’s 100 dream sponsors.

Yesterday coincided with MIUI’s 9th birthday. In 9 years, MIUI experienced ten major version updates. And @MIUI Xiaofan’s Weibo also hinted at the new MIUI 11 coming soon. In addition to the basic details and experience optimization in the latest MIUI 11, the official is also going to rectify the advertising problem, and you will have a fresher and lighter MIUI. Therefore, the new MIUI 11 that will be released in September is still worth looking forward to.

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