Patent Exposure: Future Apple Airpods Will Feature Built-In Air Pressure Sensor

Apple AirPods

Anyone who has used AirPods should know that this headset supports the function of taking off and putting on the player. The hardware foundation on which it is base is the built-in optical sensor and motion acceleration sensor. However, this design will inevitably cause certain errors. Touching, for example, placing AirPods in a tightly sealed pocket, may also activate the optical sensor, causing misplay.

Apple’s latest patent hopes to implement a more accurate wearing detection function by adding an “air pressure sensor” to AirPods. A US patent and trademark office released this Tuesday called “Acoustic in ear detection for a hearable device”. Otoacoustic detection for hearing devices shows Apple’s technical thinking in this regard.

Apple AirPods

The patent shows that before the headset can establish a Bluetooth connection with the host device. They can detect it by a barometric pressure sensor. This will only activate after detecting the earbuds entering the ear canal. After activation, when the air pressure sensor detects the difference between the pressure in the ear canal and the surrounding atmospheric pressure. It activates the headset and searches for nearby devices to connect.

Apple write in the patent: “When the headset is placed in a pocket, the internal and external pressure is not sufficient to activate the pressure sensor. Because air can flow in an unenclosed environment (herein the pocket), thereby avoiding the mistake of the headset. The situation happens”.

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