Pokophone F2

Pokophone F2 May Hit The Smarthone Market In 2020

According to gsmarena and other media reports, Alvin Tse, the head of Xiaomi Pocophone Global has spoken about Pokophone plans. He has said that he will provide more news from POCO in 2020. Rumors about the Pokophone F2 are not true.

Xiaomi’s sub-brand Pocophone (called Poco in India) debuted in August 2018, and the first smartphone was the Pocophone F1. This smartphone uses the flagship specifications but has a lower price, which makes it very popular.

The F1 is a little phone that isn’t small. A flagship that costs a third of what you’d expect. The Pokophone F1 is the most intriguing handset of the year. Xiaomi really likes the meaning of small embedded within its names. Xiaomi or Mi wrote in Chinese means millet, a little rice. On the other hand, Pocophone in Spanish means a little phone. Because they start small and dream big.

Pocophone F1

Xiaomi stressed that the Pocophone brand will be operating independently. However, you will be seeing the “by Xiaomi” inscription for some time. Thanks to it the people can remember that the sub-brand will be fully relying on Xiaomi’s service network for support of any kind.

Fans and the media are all looking forward to the next generation of Pocophone smartphones in 2020. There have even been rumors that Xiaomi will launch the Redmi K20 pair in India as Pocophone F2, but that is not the right news. It is not known when Pocophone will release the next smartphone and how it will be called.

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Recently, Alvin Tse, head of Xiaomi Pocophone Global, said that users will get more news from POCO in 2020. gsmarena said that this may mean that the next product of Pocophone will appear in 2020, which is likely to be called Pokophone F2. Detailed information is yet to be officially announced.

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