Qingping Bluetooth Alarm Clock Released By Xiaomi

Recently, Xiaomi Youpin released the Qingping Bluetooth alarm clock, which is integrating an alarm clock, temperature, and humidity monitoring and night light. As a result, we got a three in one alarm clock, the price of which is 59 yuan ($8).

The Qingping Bluetooth alarm clock adopts the key-less design. The product is simple and universal. You can hold it with a single hand. The soft rubber casing is combined with delicate interior design for a comfortable feel. Having a simple appearance, it is easy to integrate into various home styles.

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Every time when you connect your smartphone via Bluetooth, you can automatically synchronize the time. The Qingping Bluetooth alarm clock can set up 16 groups of alarms. Each group of alarm clocks can be individually set to snooze function. In addition, eight of the ringtones are optional and the volume is adjustable.

After the alarm rings, you can press the alarm once to enter the snooze mode, and after 10 minutes it will ring again. If you want to stop the alarm, you can double-click it.

Qingping Bluetooth

The Qingping Bluetooth alarm clock is using the Swiss Sensirion sensor, and the temperature measurement accuracy is ± 0.2 ℃, the humidity measurement accuracy is ± 2% RH. Besides the temperature and humidity changes are sensitive.

When you press the alarm clock, the rear light immediately turns on. Օn this device backlight intensity can be adjusted in different periods․ For example, the brightness is automatically reduced to 50% from 10 pm to 7 am. The backlight time is also adjustable, from completely off to 30 seconds. At night it doesn’t hurt your eyes and you can see it clearly․

Also, the Qingping Bluetooth alarm clock can link with other Mijia devices, to achieve the automatic adjustment of indoor temperature and humidity. For example, when the temperature is lower than 20 ℃, the electric heater is automatically turned on.

Qingping Bluetooth


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