Razor T1 Shaver

Razor T1 Shaver Standby Time Can Reach One Year

A few days ago, Xiaomi Youpin launched a hand-held one-shake Razor T1 Shaver. It featured an all-aluminum body, with induction turned on, and the price was 139 yuan.

The T1 automatic shaver is equipped with 6-layer imported blades. It uses FlowSensing technology to sense the opening vibration of the water flow. The shaving process assists in cutting the beard, easily and efficiently.

The 24K gold-plated induction probe located on the top of the handle can collect water signals 24 hours. After sensing the water flow, the signal is transmitted to the main control chip in real-time. Then the on / off command is issued after processing to drive the motor to turn on.

Razor T1 Shaver

The razor T1 shaver uses a high-speed motor of 12,000 revolutions per minute to generate continuous high-frequency amplitudes transmitted to the cutter head. The cutter head fits the facial skin and moves quickly at a small distance.

The T1 uses a 30° rotary blade design, and 5-layer blades conform to the contour of the face at multiple angles. When shaving, the blade head moves along the curve of the skin. On its way, the blade can smoothly touch the root of the beard to cut it clearly enough.

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In terms of battery life, the T1 is as low as 1.5uA standby current, and the standby time can reach one year. Two AAA batteries can last for half a year under normal use. Regardless of whether you are at home or traveling, you should not worry about the trouble caused by electricity. The product adopts a tightly connected and sealed structure design and has an anodized aluminum body. With IPX7 digital waterproof performance, you can wash and wash it directly under the tap after shaving.


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