Realme Buds Air Neo Passed NCC Certification

On January 21st, the Twitter guy broke the news that the Realme new real wireless headset has recently passed NCC certification. The specific model is Realme Buds Air Neo, which will be Realme’s second true wireless headset.

The tech guy also released a set of product photos. The photos show that the Realme Buds Air Neo is basically the same as the previous one. The Realme Buds Air design style comes with a charging box and a data cable.

Realme Buds Air Neo

Realme had previously held a new product conference in New Delhi, India. There Realme launched its first real wireless headset, the Realme Buds Air, which was priced at 399 yuan ($58). Realme Buds Air is equipped with a custom R1 chip and supports Bluetooth 5.0, which effectively reduces latency. It provides a game mode that reduces the sound delay to 120 milliseconds. Each headset has two microphones, one for calls and one to eliminate noise during the call. It also has a 12mm bass booster. Make the sound clearer.

Realme Buds Air Neo

In addition, the Realme Buds Air can wake up the voice assistant with one touch. Answering calls, playing or pausing music can be done quickly with touch, simple and quick. In terms of battery life, the official claims that the realme Buds Air can last up to 3 hours on full power. Besides the battery box that can last up to 17 hours (the charging box supports wireless charging).

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As the same family product, I believe that the Buds Air Neo will have many similarities with the Buds Air. More details are to be followed by official news, which is worth looking forward to.

Realme Buds Air Neo

The following is a realme Buds Air Neo product picture released by the tech guy.


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