Realme Smart TV

Realme Smart TV: First TV From Realme Will Debute At This Year ’s MWC

On February 4th, Francis Wang, Realme ’s chief marketing officer in India, said on Twitter: Realme will launch its first Realme Smart TV at this year ’s MWC. If the TV response is good, it will consider trying to build a realme laptop in the future.

Previously, Wang Wei, the vice president of realme and president of global products, had also been able to respond to realme ’s TV product launch plan. Wang Wei said at the time: “We are in the research and development of TV, but there will be product differences for different regions around the world. It will be released this year and I look forward to meeting you.”

Realme Smart TV

There is not only one category of TV in realme’s planning: “We build the future AIoT ecosystem based on the three major scenarios of individuals, families, and travel. Around individuals are wearables and audio. We will cover wearable products in all scenarios and audio products, such as TWS headphones. As for the family, the core is the TV, and we are already planning. Smart home products will also be involved. Travel is more about life, such as mobile power, bags and luggage will be considered. Enrich the product around three big scenes.

At present, major smartphone manufacturers have poured into the TV field. Huawei Honor has launched smart screen products, OnePlus has launched high-end quantum dot TVs in India, let alone Xiaomi. The latter has successfully created a historic record of 10 million units shipped in 2019.

Now, there is no more detailed information about the Realme Smart TV configuration price information. But considering realme’s consistent positioning, the TV should not be unexpected should also be the main cost-effective product. The main rivals will be Xiaomi and Redmi TV.


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