Redmi K30 Pro Drop Test Video: Pop-Up Camera Hides In 0.58s

Redmi’s new flagship the Redmi K30 Pro is scheduled to come on March 24. In the case where the front-punch-hole screen design has become mainstream, Redmi still adheres to the ‘true full-screen’ obsession. It also says that the design of pop-up full-screen is unique in 2020.

Redmi K30 Pro

The pop-up full-screen design can bring a more perfect visual experience than the water drop screen and the punch-hole screen. But the durability and drop resistance of the pop-up front lens are the keys to its success. How does Redmi K30 Pro solve this problem?

This afternoon, Lu Weibing answered to this question on Weibo. He said that the Redmi K30 Pro’s proactive pop-up time is 0.58s.

Redmi K30 Pro
Redmi K30 Pro

In addition, the Redmi K30 Pro’s pop-up design can withstand the test of 300,000 pop-ups. Even if it continues to take 100 photos per day, it can be used for more than 4 years.

Finally, the Redmi K30 Pro adopts a middle-frame integrated rail design. It brings physical protection to the device, dual magnet + hall calibration chip pressing protection, and also optimizes the spiral stepping motor. This increases the previous generation of 120ms drop protection recovery induction speed by 17%. When dropped, you have no reason to be afraid of.

From the official drop test video, the front lens of the Redmi K30 Pro will automatically retract during the fall process to protect itself.

Lu Weibing said that the reason why punch-hole screens become the mainstream of 5G smartphones is because pop-up design is too difficult to bring. For example, he said that the number of 5G smartphone components has increased significantly. Taking Redmi K30 Pro as an example, the number of components is as high as 3885, which is an increase of 268% over the previous generation K20 Pro. It is more difficult to fabricate.

Under the premise of the proliferation of components, front pop-up and rear-centered design pose great challenges to the motherboard design. Originally, the entire motherboard was divided into two ‘big pits’, which led to a significant reduction in motherboard utilization.

Lu Weibing said that the reason why Redmi went into the pop-up full-screen design is to make this era of ‘front window swing holes’ have a unique landscape and make the Redmi K30 Pro unique.


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