Redmi K30 Pro To Sport Double-sided Corning Gorilla 5 Glass

In a couple of days, Xiaomi will uncover the Redmi K30 Pro flagship smartphone. Every day we are getting more and more news concerning this handset. Today, the company released a poster, showing the self-transcendence in quality. It is equipped with double-sided Corning Gorilla 5 Glass, which has a 1.5 times higher drop resistance. Also, it supports IP53 level life splash-proof. The shell process adopts the same AG process with light and mist to prevent scratches and fingerprints.

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Based on the current information, we know that the Redmi K30 Pro uses a large-area stacked “sandwich” motherboard design. The “sandwich” of most Android phones is only a small piece, and the “sandwich” structure of the K30 Pro occupies almost half of the entire motherboard area. With this ultra-high integration design, the component density of the K30 Pro has reached 61pcs/cm².

Redmi K30 Pro

Lu Weibing said that the advantage of this is that under the same motherboard projection area, more than twice as many components can be placed than a single-layer motherboard. It’s like the same area of ​​land, someone has built a “bungalow”, while K30 Pro has built a “building”.

In the core configuration, Redmi K30 Pro uses a pop-up full-screen solution, equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 flagship platform, LPDDR5 memory and UFS 3.1 flash memory. The rear main camera uses the Sony IMX686 CMOS. The zoom version also supports dual OIS and 33W flash charge.

Redmi K30 Pro

In addition, the Redmi K30 Pro retains 3.5 headphone jack, infrared remote control, and supports NFC.

The K30 Pro’s back-centered aesthetic design is inspired by the stellar system. And the Fresnel texture on the lens brings deep three-dimensional light effects.


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