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Redmi Phones To Use 100MP Camera Sensor In Future

Today, a Redmi user said that the next generation of Redmi Note series will use a 100MP sensor (108MP).

In response, Manu Kumar Jain, Xiaomi’s global vice president and head of Xiaomi’s Indian business, says that he hopes the Redmi Note will get it one day. He also added that the Redmi Note 9 series that will hit the market tomorrow won’t sport a 100MP camera.

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Manu Kumar Jain emphasized that the current 108MP module is very expensive. Currently, it will only appear on our Xiaomi flagship product line.

Some users said that Manu Kumar Jain did not deny that Redmi does not use a 100MP CMOS. It seems that 100MP may appear on Redmi models.

In view of the higher cost of a 100MP module, it may be the first to appear on Redmi’s flagship products. However, from the currently exposed information, the Redmi K30 Pro may not use this sensor. The main camera of Redmi K30 Pro is the Sony IMX686. The number of pixels is 64 million.

From the 48MP lens on the Redmi K20 to the 64MP on the Redmi K30, the number of Redmi smartphones’ main camera is gradually increasing. So it is very likely that the 100MP lens will be used in the future.

The resolution of this 100MP sensor is as high as 12032 × 9024 and the pixel is as high as 108576768. At the same time, the size of the photosensitive area has reached 1/1.3 inches, which is called an oversized bottom.

Which Phones Sport a 100MP Sensor?

At present, the main cameras of the Xiaomi CC9 Pro, Xiaomi Mi 10 / Pro, and Galaxy S20 Ultra have reached the level of 100MP resolution.

There is no doubt that more models will use 100MP sensors in the future. With an ultra-large base, coupled with software algorithms and tuning, the overall smartphone image will be upgraded to a higher level.


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