Redmi Xiao Ai Speaker Play First Sale At 79 yuan ($11)

On December 10 last year, at the Redmi K30 series conference, Xiaomi also announced the Redmi Xiao Ai Speaker Play. Unlike the original model, it costs only 79 yuan ($11). Thus, this price is comparable to ordinary Bluetooth speakers. And this is the case that we can say we are dealing with a true and cost-effective product.

Redmi Xiao Ai Speaker Play

The Redmi Xiao Ai Speaker Play is a cuboid, with a mesh design, coming with a petite body and a high face value. It was initially only available in white. But it was announced that more color versions will be available before May 2020. Now it’s finally here. There are two models on the shelves, “Clear Sky” and “Scallion”. But these variants are priced at 99 yuan ($14).

In terms of sound quality, the Redmi Xiao Ai Speaker Play uses a front sound design, a 5W high-quality speaker unit, a U-shaped duct design, a 350cc large sound cavity. They ensure a low frequency increase of 30%.

As for core functions, it sports a Bluetooth Mesh gateway to connect smart home products. The new self-developed voiceprint recognition is used to “recognize people by listening to voices” and provide content for everyone in the family.

It also supports the third generation of Xiao Ai voice assistant. The knowledge base has been increased by 3 times, reaching 10 billion+. At the same time, its functionality has been increased by 4 times, and now there are more than 1,400 practical functions. It not only supports two girls voices (Honey, Jasmine) but also is the first speaker to support boys voice (Scallion).


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