Redmi’s New Flagship To Sport Dimensity 1000+, 120Hz LCD display, and 4500mAh Battery

Today, a Weibo blogger announced that Redmi’s new flagship will come with the MediaTek Dimensity 1000+ chip, a 120Hz LCD display, and a battery capacity of 4500mAh.

He also revealed that the screen of Redmi’s new flagship is not a hole-punch screen, suggesting that it may be using a full screen solution.

mediatek helio G90T

If it is a pop-up LCD screen, Redmi’s new flagship may adopt a side fingerprint solution. As you know, it’s impossible to use a screen fingerprint module on an LCD screen. At the same time, we should say the possibility of using a fingerprint on the back is unlikely.

At present, the name of the Redmi MediaTek Dimensity 1000+ new machine is still uncertain. Some guess it is the Redmi K40 5G. Considering that the K series is Redmi’s flagship product line and the Dimensity 1000+ is MediaTek’s flagship SoC of this year, so there is every reason to think Redmi may name it K40 5G.

The data shows that MediaTek 1000+ is built on the 7nm process, using ARM flagship Cortex A77 + Mali-G77 architecture design. The CPU frequency is up to 2.6GHz; the highly heterogeneous design APU 3.0 brings a powerful AI experience; in AnTuTu, it scored more than 530,000 points.

The new phone of Xiaomi with the model M2006J10C has been approved for access to the Internet. It is rumored that this new model of Xiaomi is the Redmi MediaTek Dimensity 1000+. This handset will come with the charger model MDY-11-EX, which is the same adapter as the Redmi K30 Pro and supports 33W fast charge.

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