Samsung Galaxy Fold Will Be Launched In The US In The Next Few Weeks

According to Samsung’s official news, Galaxy Fold will be launched for US consumers in the next few weeks. It comes in Cosmos Black (Quantum Black) and Space Silver (Night Fog Silver) two colors.

Samsung officials said that in the past few months, our team has been improving the Galaxy Fold. To ensure that we can provide the best experience for consumers. We learned from the feedback we received, not only applying these lessons to the design of the Galaxy Fold. However,a also taking the time to rethink the entire consumer experience from purchase to out of the box and after-sales service.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold has two display screens, which are designed with a left and right fold-down design. The small screen size is 4.6-inch AMOLED screen with a screen aspect ratio of 21:9, the main screen size is 7.3 inches. The screen aspect ratio is 4.2:3. Use as a small tablet. In addition, the back of the machine is made of 3D curved glass material, which is available in quantum black, night fog silver, fairy green, and interstellar blue. However, only two colors of quantum black and night fog silver are available in the United States.

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