Samsung Galaxy S11

Samsung Galaxy S11 Series To Come with “Bright Night Sensor”

Samsung Galaxy S11

According to some sources, Samsung will use a 108MP ultra-high-resolution lenses on the Galaxy S11 series. The latest may also be equipped with special sensors for night scenes to further enhance the effect of night shooting.

Recently, the media discovered that Samsung has applied for a new trademark called “Bright Night Sensor”. Samsung has stated that it is a photosensitive element for devices such as smartphones and tablets.

We remember that Samsung have used “Bright Night” as the name of the night scene photography mode on the Galaxy S10 series. Nevertheless, the “Bright Night Sensor” trademark does not refer to the shooting mode or even to a software function. This time they speak about a hardware photosensitive element, which they have named “Bright Night Sensor”.

Therefore, the media speculates that being equipped with a special photosensitive element, the Galaxy S11 series will enhance the night scene performance through the combination of software and hardware.

Samsung Galaxy S11

As usual, there should be no suspense for the Samsung Galaxy S11 series to send DxOMark (the test model may be Galaxy S11+). Therefore, if the Galaxy S11 series will be equipped with a special sensor for night scenes “Bright Night Sensor”, its imaging effect and DxOMark score will inevitably be one more step forward.

In the core configuration, the Galaxy S11 series is powered with the Exynos 990 / Snapdragon 865 flagship platform. Its Chinese version will provide the Snapdragon 865 version, and the Korean version will provide the Exynos 990 version.

The smartphone is expected to be released in February and is worth looking forward to.


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