Samsung Galaxy S11

Samsung Galaxy S11 will support 8K video recording

Samsung Galaxy S11

Many rumors have spread about the Samsung Galaxy S11. As they say, the company showed in the past that the new smartphone will have a huge improvement in the camera. Taking into account their confidence about this, we can confirm that the machine will support 8K video recording.

Various sources also confirm that the Samsung Galaxy S11 can indeed record 8K videos. First, the Exynos 990 processor supports 8K video recording. That processor will be in the Galaxy S11. It is also worth mentioning that the Snapdragon 865 (just released by Qualcomm) also supports 8K video recording. The Samsung Galaxy S11 will come with that processor in some markets.

Samsung Galaxy S11’s camera features

8K video recording is mentioned in the APK code of the Samsung Camera app. The camera also includes the UI 2.0 beta firmware. In terms of the main camera, the smartphone will feature a 108MP main camera. Besides, Galaxy S11’s camera codename is “Hubble”. That’s the name of a space telescope, which strongly suggests impressive zoom skills. The camera supports a 5x optical zoom, and the zoom camera will also support optical image stabilization. Not surprisingly, they say that Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S11 early next year. Chances are the company will go for an event in February. It’s certainly shaping up to be an exciting device for those who prefer Samsung’s Galaxy S series. We’ll be sure to bring you more information about the device as soon as we hear it.

Samsung Galaxy S11

It is important to mention that things were going not so simple for Samsung recently. The Korean giant’s smartphone lineup was being outdone by rivals such as Huawei. Needless to say, Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 range is an impressive one. Their shipments in millions are the reasons why the company has managed to maintain its lion share of the market. Anyways, it’s quite evident that other companies have advanced in both camera hardware and features. So it’s about time that the Korean giant made some serious steps of its own by launching Samsung Galaxy S11.

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