Samsung Plans To Launch The First Smart Speaker Galaxy Home Mini

On January 8th the CEO of Samsung Consumer Electronics Division Hyun-Suk Kim announced that the company will launch the Samsung Galaxy Home Mini smart speaker this year. It is important to mention that it will be Samsung’s first model of such innovation. 

The Samsung Galaxy Home Mini smart speaker supports the company’s own artificial intelligence (AI) voice assistant Bixby. It is able to connect to the Samsung’s SmartThings platform via Internet and control smart home devices. Also, Bixby is equipped with Samsung’s own AKG brand sound technology.

Картинки по запросу galaxy home mini

In August 2018, Samsung announced its Galaxy Home, a smart speaker equipped with the Bixby system. But during the past 18 months, this smart speaker has been delayed many times and has not been officially launched. Except for a brief appearance at last year’s CES, the information about this speaker was very slight.

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Until now, Samsung has not announced the release date of the Samsung Galaxy Home Mini smart speaker, and the company has not still decided whether to sell it.

Now, the company focuses on the cheaper and smaller Samsung Galaxy Home Mini speaker. The aim of the company is to make this speaker the best voice control device in its smart appliances.

At present, Amazon’s smart speakers and displays are leading the world. Besides, Google’s popular Nest and Home devices make it the fourth largest smart speaker market in the world. In this strong competitive field, will Samsung’s first smart speaker, the Galaxy Home Mini, stand out? Let us wait and see.


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