Samsung Plans To Replace All Nissan Semiconductor Materials

Based on Korean press accounts, Samsung Electronics decided to substitute over 220 types of Japanese raw materials. Which are use in the semiconductor manufacturing process with national goods or alternative domestic products. The Korea Daily explained that Samsung has put up a special working group to get Korean national and overseas businesses. Which produce semiconductor manufacturing substances and assess whether their products may be use to substitute Japanese goods.

It follows that South Korea was eliminate from Japan to simplify the whitelist of export processes. The newest version of this”Export Trade Management Order” will probably Have to be sign by the Japanese Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, Shigeo Hiroshi. Along with the registering and closing promulgation of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. The new variant of this Export Trade Management Order will take effect 21 days after. Japan is going to issue a new variant of the Export Trade Management Order next week. It will take effect whenever possible after this month.

It’s worth noting that now, the official printing note of the National Printing Bureau of the Tokyo Minato-ku, Japan formally posted the new administration arrangement. Formally excluding South Korea in the”white list” of trade preferences, and strengthening export control within South Korea.

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