Samsung’s Comprehensive Screen Mobile Phone Design Exposure: “Convex Bangs” Style

According to the Letsgodigital report, Samsung recently introduced a full-screen mobile phone design patent. Using the “convex bangs” shape, front camera and sensor are place here.

On October 7, 2019, KIPO (Korea Intellectual Property Office) issued a design patent for a Samsung display screen. The patent was a year ago and was approve in September 2019; since it is a design patent, the description is short.

From the design sketches and the renderings of Letsgodigital. This phone uses a comprehensive screen design to achieve true “no punching” and “no bangs”. But there is a special raise area above the screen of the phone for the front camera and various sensors.

At present, in addition to Samsung, Xiaomi, vivo and other mobile phone manufacturers have similar design patents. Will this “convex bangs”-style full-screen mobile phone appear? Letsgodigital said it remains to be seen.

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