Sellcell: Sony XZ2 Became the Flagship Smartphone with the Highest Depreciation Rate Last Year

In addition to design, configuration and brand, you may also need to consider the value of the hedge when choosing a mobile phone. 2018 is the year in which the average mobile phone price has reached a historical record. There has never been such a large price increase, and this trend seems likely to continue this year with Sony XZ2.

Sony XZ2

SellCell used data from its mobile repo partners to analyze the depreciation rates of Apple, Samsung, Google, Sony and LG phones. The results show that, like 2017, the LG flagship mobile phone in 2018 has a low rate of protection, but the most serious is Sony’s mobile phone.

From last year’s release to October this year, the Sony XZ2 became the highest depreciation model, reaching 86.2%.

Because the brand is very popular, Apple and Samsung’s flagship machines always have the best preservation rate. Although Google’s Pixel series products are not as popular as the former two, their value-keeping ratio performance is quite good.

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